The High Coast Hike is a 3-day and 40 kilometer long hike in one of Sweden’s most unique environments – the High Coast. The hike, that is Sweden’s second largest hiking adventure, is suitable for both experienced hikers and curious beginners.

Bring your family or friends on an adventure, meet like-minded people and experience a world-unique combination of coastal mountains, ancient forests and glimmering coastline.


Adult 190 Euro | Under 18 years 110 Euro
Transport, food for three days, gas, outdoor school and after-hike is included. But the best thing is the company of hikers from all over the world, the unique nature and the memories!

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THE HIGH COAST HIKE – Adventure & Friendship

The High Coast Hike is Swedens second largest hike and an adventure with hundreds of like-minded people from all over the world.

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The High Coast Hike is 40 kilometer and three day hike through the highlights of the Swedish World Heritage – The High Coast. The High Coast Hike combines adventures with exciting meetings with outdoor people from all over the world. The youngest participant who have completed the High Coast Hike was 6 years old and the oldest person has been 68 years old. The hike is suitable for both experienced and beginners. Transports, food, gas, map and outdoor school is included in the registration. Welcome to the High Coast Hike.